love fool

teen top and-- yes, only teen top.

"Like our title song "Clap", I want to become a singer that receives the applause from all people." -L.Joe

"With one heart and one mind, without losing sight of our main purpose, let's run towards the top."

If lee byunghun was your boyfriend ♡_♡ / in.sp.

good morning ~

I knew they’d find new ways to torture l.joe

l.joe dancing to catallena

for all the sweat and tears behind closed doors, for all the nights spent practicing until your bodies were exhausted, for the constant dedication and love you show towards angels - thank you ♡

happy fourth anniversary ♔


엔젤 밥 챙겨먹어요!!!!!😇

Angels, don’t forget to eat!!!!!

trans. cr; fyteensontop

 L.Joe with his new friend ♡

What are you?

he can’t handle.


Teen Top hula dancing on your dash