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teen top and-- yes, only teen top.

"Like our title song "Clap", I want to become a singer that receives the applause from all people." -L.Joe

"With one heart and one mind, without losing sight of our main purpose, let's run towards the top."

Too less of Chunji in the MV. As well as Changjo, which I am really surprised about since he was so pushed in the foreground. But yeah. Chanhee. I need more Chanhee.


몰래 찍은 사진만 있냐고요? 노노노! 멤버들이 팬들을 위해 남긴 도 있답니다. 분위기를 확 바꿔 하는 ! 대박이라던데…목요일 저녁 6시 에서 함께 확인하실래요?

Do you think we only have stolen pictures? Nonono! The members also left #selcas for their fans. We heard #Missing is daebak… shall we confirm this together on Thursday night?

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did anyone possibly miss me

140914 Inkigayo Fanmeeting

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140914 TEEN TOP Facebook Greeting - L.Joe 

You gotta be stronger cause you’re my star.

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Can we just appreciate how hella fine Niel looked here? (• ε •)